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Someshwara Temple: is one of the oldest temples just outskirts of Dharwad built in 12th century by Chalukyas, near SDM college.The temple has statues of MahishaMardini , Chaturbhuja Ganapati .Da Ra Bendre in one of poems said "Banthanna sanna somavara kanabekanna Someshwara ". River Shalmala takes birth near by but she flows under ground. Someshwara is a beautiful place with surrounding hills and trees and pond.
Murugha Math:
This is situated on Savadatti Road. The great Sant Mrityunjaya who was the head the math, fed hundreds of students who came from villages to study @ schools and colleges of Dharwad. Lord Mahantappa passed away in 1994 and now lord Shivayogiappa has taken over the deeksha of the math.
Every Monday there will be lectures / music conducted in the premises of the math.
Shankara Matha: is located near JSS college off of NH4. Its architecture is new comprising tiles and ceramic statues, grass lawns. It has big peaceful meditation hall ,between the two "gopuras" as you can see in the picture.
Dattatreya Temple:
The God with four heads representing 4 vedas.Usually called as Dattana Gidu,Situated in Gandhi Chawk.
The Vittal Mandir : Also known as 'Vithoba devara gudi'. Constructed in 1796 by the Maratha rulers. Vanavasi Rama Mandira: It is Temple of famous God Sri Rama Along with Sita,Laxmana & Hanuman,Situatated in Malamaddi.
Temple of Milaralinga:
This temple is situated behind J.S.S College. It is one of famous temple in Dharwad built in 12th century. The building was built in style of Chalukya's architecture. However its been renovated. There is a saying that long ago Adilshahi's converted it as a mosque and again Pashwe's reconverted as Temple (The Persian stone writing, which said so is missing now). Is also called as "Milaralinga Gudda" because it's up on Hill. Out side of this temple there is a damaged Chlukya's "Shivalinga". Inside the temple there are beautifully carved stone pillars and 'garbha gudi' has idol of Chaturbhuja (having four arms) Milara holding Dhamaru, Trishul, Khadga and Kapala. Besides this idol there are sculptures of dog,
Horse etc. AT the center of four pillars, there is statue of Nandi and roof has beautiful design of lotus ( Kamala).The statue of temple is so situated that first sunrays touch the statue , before daylight breaks over rest of Dharwad.

There are Dargas right infront of temple, Peer Anwarsha and Moonawarsha ,and every year in the month of Rajjab , Uruus takes place.
Ulavi Basappana temple :
Chennabasavanna and his team (desciples of Lord Basaveshwara) fled from the hostile Kalyana. On their way to the forests of ulavi they rested here. It is a big stone temple with 63 mantaps constructed by the saints of Shaiva cult. A Mela (Jatri) in August every year (Shravana Masa) celebrates the occasion. A group of people wearing colorful dresses dance in the streets of Dharwad every Monday during 'Shravana Masa'

Sri Raghavendra swami Matha
Nuggikari hanumata devara Gudi
Ganapati Temple: A small temple of Ganapati or vighneshwara situated in KCD circle
Durgadevi Temple :
A temple of the Goddess Durga. Situated near the Corporation building.There is a heavy round stone in the temple. A belief among young svhool going kids "if you lift the stone and place it back without making sound, you will pass in the exam". Its true , it worked for me
Laxmi-Narayana Temple:
Situated in Javali Peth in the center of Dharwad. Two beautiful marbal idols of Laxmi and Narayana are decorated everyday and even more specially during the month of the Dasera festival for 10 days. These idols are dressed according to the various mythological stories. A big mela for 10 days.
kumar2.jpg (24764 bytes)Shri Shri Kumar Swami Tapovan:
This is the temple near University. A great learned Saint callled Kumaraswami established it. People from all over the country came here to listen to his lectures. Since his death last year his follwers are maintaining it. Formarly this math was called Navakalyana math in the city and then it got shifted to Tapovan.
The Photographs are provided by Josip-Akshay Valcicak -from Croatia.
renukamother.jpg (12258 bytes) Renuka (Yellamma) Devi-TempleThis is a well-known temple in North Karnataka visited by pilgrims mainly from Karnataka, Maharashtra & AndhraPradesh. Yellamma temple is situated atop hill, near Soundatti in Belgaum district. The number of devotees visiting the temple is estimated to be around 30 lakhs, their number is the highest on Bharat Hunnime day. Several other famous temples situated at this holy place include Sri Jamadhagnishwar Temple, Sri Parashuram Temple, Yekhanath Joghinath temple, Ganesh temple & Sri Aanjaneya temple.

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