The Bangalore Fort or the City Fort

The Bangalore Fort or the City Fort was built by Kempe Gowda who was a chieftain of the Vijaynagar Empire in the year 1537. The fort was initially build as a mud fort but was later reinforced with stone by Haider Ali the ruler of Mysore Kingdom and father of the famous Tipu Sultan. 
The fort was the stronghold of Tipu Sultan during the Mysore wars when Lord Caorwallis lead the attack on the fort. A marble tablet in the fort wall records the spot where the British breached the fort wall leading to its capture in 1791. 

Most of the fort walls fell to ruin and only two of the 26 bastions remain today 

Delhi Gate showcasing Indo-Islamic architecture 

The Ganesha Temple build by Tipu reflects his respect for other religions 

Gignatic wooden door with rows of metal spikes at the entrance, I am guessing the metal spikes were to prevent war elephants from ramming down the fort gate.

The fort lies close to one of the oldest markets in Karnataka the K.R. Market, and its very easy to reach by bus, auto and taxi. Make sure you also visit Tipus Sultans Summer Palace which is about 100 meters away from the fort.

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