Halebeedu : The Hoysaleshwara Temple

The Hoysaleshwara Temple is a historic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Halebeedu town, which was once the capital city of Hoysala Empire. Halebeedu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka.
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History: Halebeedu Hoysaleshwara Temple was built by Chief Architect Ketamala on orders of Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana during his tenure in 12th century. Hoysaleshwara Temple is built on the shores of a man-made lake called Dwarasamudra. Hoysaleshwara Temple was damaged by invading armies of Delhi Sultanate.

Design: Hoysaleshwara Temple is built in Hoysala style architecture, with a Nandi (official vehicle of Lord Shiva) statue guarding the temple from outside. Interiors feature images of flowers and animals, carvings of Hindu epics and sculptures showcasing Shila Balikes (Stone Girls or sculpture of young women in dancing poses)
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Other temples: Apart from Hoysaleshwara Temple, Halebeedu is also known for Kedareshwara Temple and multiple Jain temples. Kedareshwara Temple was built by King Veera Ballala the second and Queen Ketaladevi. 

Museum: An archeological museum maintained by ASI inside Halebeedu Temple complex houses over 1500 sculptures and artifacts of Hoysala era.

Visiting Hours: Halebeedu Temple complex is open from 6.30 AM till 9 PM.

Places to visit nearby: Beluru Chennakeshava Temple is often visited along with Halebeedu (17 kms away).

How to reach Halebeedu: Halebeedu is 210 kms from Bengaluru and 170 kms from Mangaluru. Banavara is the nearest railway station (30 kms). Halebeedu has good bus service from district head quarter Hasana (33 kms)

Places to stay near Halebeedu: KSTDC runs Hotel Mayura Shantala in Halebeedu right across the temple complex. More options are available Hasana city (33 kms away)

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